MULTI/TECH ENGINEERING researches sites for zoning laws, history, and any land issues. As land planners, we are responsible for helping land owners and developers plan their site legally by complying with local and/or state ordinances. Planners have an accumulated 51 years of land use development experience, including knowledge of state and local policies. Services include Due Diligence and Land Use Approvals.

Field Research

This is one of three wet pond cells constructed as a part of a MULTI/TECH ENGINEERING subdivision located in Adair Village, Oregon. This site was used by Natalie Grenz as a part of her graduate research project, investigating the effectiveness of water quality ponds in mitigating urban runoff. The data and information gathered during this study has helped MULTI/TECH ENGINEERING fully understand the impacts of development as well as water quality facility design.

Land Planning

Apartment Complex

MULTI/TECH ENGINEERING’s complete design team worked with the client to develop this 197 unit multi-family project located in Independence, Oregon. This project included architectural design, site layout, construction surveying and construction monitoring, all provided by MULTI/TECH ENGINEERING.

Land Planning Capabilities Include

  • Comprehensive Plan Change
  • Zone Change
  • UGB Amendment
  • Annexations
  • Pre-application Conferences
  • Master Plan Development
  • Measure 37 and Measure 49 Reviews
  • Public Hearings and Commissions
  • Design Review Process
  • Building Site Plan Reviews
  • Conditional Use
  • Variance
  • Zoning Adjustment
  • Subdivision
  • Field Research
  • Tree Felling Permit
  • Street Name Applications
  • Sign Applications
  • Partition
  • Property Line Adjustment
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Replat
  • Tree Conservation Plans
  • Willamette Greenway Development
  • Willamette Greenway Review